Opopo Extracts

Approaching dance music with the same ham-handed precision that '80s hair metal bands used to appropriate rock'n'roll, Toronto, ON's Opopo once again draw their blunt scalpels for sophomore LP Extracts. Drenching a dozen straight shooters with waves of reverb, distortion-laced vocals and wobbly synthesizers, Extract feels much like an album suffering from a textural identity crisis: too muscular for the club scene and too one-dimensional for the headphone set. Utilizing singular designs to formulate tracks like "Exorcism," which relies on the mere notion of its dance-y guitar riff, and "Funny N Raw," employing four minutes of faux-hop to promote a clever chopped'n'screwed beat, much of Extract doesn't sound as hackneyed as it does incomplete. Even if Opopo approached these tracks with Ween-sized tongue-in-cheekiness, which one may be inclined to believe, the duo lack the ambiguity and subtlety to pull it off. With Extracts, Opopo attempt to get by via pure force and volume, making it like a mountain of salad dressing poured over a pile of limp greens. (Urbnet)