​Ontario Government Unveils Proposed Ticket Reselling Rules

​Ontario Government Unveils Proposed Ticket Reselling Rules
The Ontario government will table new legislation this fall to reform ticket reselling practices in the province.
Earlier this year, residents were asked to share their experiences and priorities with regards to ticket purchasing and reselling in a public consultation survey. Those findings have been taken into consideration and incorporated into a new proposed plan dubbed the Ticket Sales Act.
If passed, the new rules should prevent outrageous resale markups, provide fans with clearer information and strengthen the enforcement of ticketing laws.

A news release explains that the proposed changes include banning ticket bots and the sale of tickets that were purchased using bots, limiting the resale price of tickets to 50 per cent above face value, requiring ticket outlets to disclose additional information and establishing new measures to enforce the rules.
In order to improve transparency with customers, primary sellers will be required to disclose the number of tickets available through the general on-sale and the capacity of the event, while resellers will have to disclose the original face value of the ticket and precise seat location. All sellers will be required to disclose the total price of a ticket upfront, clearly indicating the currency.
The proposed increased enforcement methods, meanwhile, include giving the government authority to issue monetary penalties and compliance orders to rule violators, establishing new provincial offences and increased fines, creating dedicated rights of action for industry and consumers resulting from violation of the new rules, and allowing the police to investigate and charge those who violate the prohibitions against bots.
Until the proposed changes make their way to Queen's Park this fall, brush up on all the background info over here.