Online Petition Begs Bono To Retire From Public LIfe

Online Petition Begs Bono To Retire From Public LIfe
A petition asking U2 front-man Bono to "retire from public life" has surfaced on website

The "Christ-like" rocker and charitable do-gooder has definitely made as many enemies as friends with his often preachy, in-your-face approach to raising awareness for causes such as AIDS, as well as iPods, and the petition states its objectives clearly.

The idea is "to get Bono to retire from public life (so he'll stop leading misguided, counter-productive philanthropy efforts) ....and, simultaneously.... to make a huge donation to fight AIDS." It continues, saying "We will give money to Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria... But we will only pay if we meet our objective."

The petition also has a much lengthier reason behind its drive, going into full detail about :

Bono’s philanthropy efforts are self-righteous, ineffective and counter-productive.

The RED campaign has managed to spend $40 million more on marketing than it has raised from RED product sales, while sending consumers a dangerous message.

Many involved in the global fight against AIDS worry that RED will make it harder to raise funds, and that the oversimplified and disempowered image of Africa that Bono perpetuates, as exemplified in these incredibly condescending lyrics from the Band Aid Xmas song Bono helped create, obscures and undermines the assets African nations must focus on to defeat AIDS and poverty.

The grassroots leaders of the global fight against AIDS didn’t ask for Bono to be their front-man. Its time for Bono to step down. We’ll all pledge donations to the Global Fund, but no pledges are collected until Bono retires from public life. If he wants to moan bland melodies, he’ll have to do it quietly in his bedroom. If he want to fight AIDS, he can make a direct donation instead of buying a sweatshop GAP T-shirt. As the pledges grow, Bono will have to decide what matters more: fighting AIDS effectively or him being the movement’s frontman.

And here you were thinking it was just someone who didn't like his fake hair.

U2 are currently working on their follow-up to 2004's How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb with producer Brian Eno. As of this moment, there are no petitions asking the band to retire from public life...

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Preachy Bono speaking and singing about RED