Oneohtrix Point Never Scores 'Partisan' Film

Oneohtrix Point Never Scores 'Partisan' Film
When he's not busy with Oneohtrix Point Never, Daniel Lopatin always seems to be working on one project or another. The artist was recently announced as a producer on GABI's debut album, and now he's been attached to score a new film.

Called Partisan, the Warp Films-produced movie is the first feature from Australian director Ariel Kleiman. While details are scarce, the film's IMDB page offers a brief synopsis. "Alexander who, raised to see the world through Gregori's eyes, is starting to think for himself."

The character of Gregori is played by Vincent Cassel, who has previously appeared in Black Swan, Irreversible and, er, Shrek.

Partisan will debut at Sundance later this month. A trailer for the film is available below and offers a brief taste of Lopatin's score. From what we can tell, it's just as stunning, ethereal and cinematic as we've come to expect from the artist.

This marks the Lopatin's third time scoring a film after work on Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring and a new score for Koji Morimoto's 1995 anime film Magnetic Rose.