Oneohtrix Point Never Announces New Album in the Weirdest Way Possible

Oneohtrix Point Never Announces New Album in the Weirdest Way Possible
There have been a lot of cryptic album announcements in the past few days. Deerhunter had their countdown clock and Bat for Lashes has an ongoing game of hangman, and now electronic specialist Oneohtrix Point Never (a.k.a. Daniel Lopatin) has announced an album called Garden of Delete via, um, an interview with an alien.

Lopatin announced the title with a maze-like trail of breadcrumbs. Pitchfork notes that his website has been updated to include a PDF document with details about starting a band with an alien named Ezra; the PDF links to a blog with posts backdated to the '90s, and the newest entry is a supposed interview with Lopatin as conducted by Ezra.

In this faux interview, Lopatin says, "The record is finished. I've spent most of the summer thinking about how I want to present it. I started writing in January, and wrapped up in July. It'll be out in November. It's called Garden of Delete or G.O.D. for short."

Oneohtrix's Facebook page has been updated with a G.O.D.-themed image of a truck. Judging by the Warp Records logos all over the PDF, and the references to that label in the interview, it's fair to assume that it will come out on Warp.

UPDATE: As a press release now confirms, Garden of Delete arrives November 13 via Warp. You can watch a teaser via a new video clip called "flame" below. 

While the fanciful presentation of the news makes it difficult to know what to take seriously, it seems that there will be a short film for a song called "Sticky Drama," and other apparent track titles include "I Bite Through It," "Ezra," "Animals" and "Lift."

Check out the long, slightly confusing interview here, and stay tuned for more concrete information to emerge about Garden of Delete.

This will be the follow-up to 2013's R Plus Seven and this year's Record Store Day release Commissions II.

g.o.d. flame from Warp Records on Vimeo.