Oneohtrix Point Never "I Bite Through It"

Oneohtrix Point Never "I Bite Through It"
Though Oneohtrix Point Never (a.k.a. electronic musician Daniel Lopatin) has offered up a couple of quick teases behind his upcoming Garden of Delete, it's now time for the guy to start revealing the goods in full. The first proper track to drop is "I Bite Through It," and you can feast your ears on it via an online stream.

Despite its CD-skip pacing, the new tune is a blipped-out and blissful masterpiece. Though garbled and choppy, the circus style house synths make for some decent head-bobbing moments.

More out-there is a freaky, processed jazz guitar solo that sounds as if the strings are unraveling with every picked note, and the occasional metal-styled explosion of sound. A goofily grinding gem, for sure.

You can stream "I Bite Through It" down below.

As previously reported, Garden of Delete drops November 13 via Warp.