One Way Static Give Soundtrack Release to 'Nekromantik'

One Way Static Give Soundtrack Release to 'Nekromantik'
One Way Static is no stranger to serving up soundtrack reissues to controversial flicks, from Cannibal Holocaust to The Last House on the Left, so it shouldn't seem off that the label has now set its sights on the score to 1987 German necrophilia film Nekromantik.

The label has revealed that it will be pressing up vinyl and cassette copies of Daktari Lorenz, Hermann Kopp and John Boy Walton's work for the film on March 16. The release will also feature extensive liner notes from actor/composer Lorenz, Kopp, director/screenwriter Jörg Buttgereit, writer Franz Rodenkirchen and producer Manfred Jelinski.

Down below, you'll find streams of John Boy Walton's triumphant piano piece "Ménage À Trois," Lorenz's dark and synth-styled "Nekromantik," and the trailer for the film.

The film, which discusses themes of love, sex and death, focuses on the character of Rob Schmadtke (Lorenz), a street cleaner who brings a corpse home to his wife, leading them both to acts necrophilia. The graphic movie is currently banned in countries such as Iceland, Norway, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Nekromantik Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack -- One Way Static Records from One Way Static Records on Vimeo.