One Self Children of Possibility

Hope you like your rap abstract because DJ Vadim has once again served up a delicious helping of sometimes oddball but consistently beautiful hip-hop. This time Vad has paired up with Blu Rum 13 and his wifey Yarah Bravo to string together lovely harmonies and melodic yet deadly raps, and the results reach some rather fantastic heights. Children of Possibility tends to reach its tightest peaks when the crew dip into some sweet soul inspiration, such as the summer breeze beats of "Bluebird,” where Yarah tears through the entire song with her distinct delivery — a seductive combination of battle rhymes and poetic flows that easily makes her one of hip-hop’s best female lyricists. Not only do One Self master the art of slow jams but the two MCs can also hold tight against Vadim’s bangers, such as an electronic blast break coupled with cowbell of all things in "Trying to Speak,” as Yarah and Blu Rum really showcase their skills when called for attack. Sadly there’s one glitch near the end that’s a tad unbearable for repeated listens, but the strength of the songs that proceed it are enough to show that this trio have massive hip-hop chemistry that, for some, will last until death do they part. (Ninja Tune)