One Hundred Dollars Offer Songs of Man on Sophomore Album

One Hundred Dollars Offer <i>Songs of Man</i> on Sophomore Album
The last time Toronto alt-country crew One Hundred Dollars released a LP, 2008's Forest of Tears, they earned a nomination for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize. Now, the group are hoping to have similar success with the follow-up, as they just announced the release of Songs of Man, which will arrive on May 10 via Outside Music.

Fans can expect the record to contain plenty of frontwoman Simone Schmidt's evocative storytelling. A press release offers this description: "Most often working in the balladic tradition, Schmidt delves into character sketches of a range of people, some tangential to broader dramas playing themselves out across songs."

The album was recorded to tape in 12 days at Blue Rodeo's Woodshed Studio with the band's own pedal steel player, Stew Crookes, producing. This is a much different approach than the band took on Forest of Tears, which was recorded live in just 13 hours.

For a taste of what One Hundred Dollars have to offer this time around, go here to stream the twangy "Waiting on Another." Look for tour dates to be announced soon.

Songs of Man:

1. "Ties That Bind"
2. "Work"
3. "Where the Sparrows Drop"
4. "Brother"
5. "Waiting on Another"
6. "Fires of Regret"
7. "Everybody Wins"
8. "Powdered Confessions"
9. "Aaron's Song"
10. "Black Gold"
11. "Carnations" *

* iTunes bonus