The One AM Radio On the Shore of the Wide World

On the Shore of the Wide World is the remix EP follow-up to 2004’s A Name Writ in Water. The remixes and re-workings on this seven-song excursion are wide and varied: some metamorph the tracks into something jazzy and wordless, others make them light, fun, and innocuous, while others still coax them towards more weird, dissident and artsy-experimental territory. The most successful — alias’ remix of "What You Gave Away” — turns the original song by the One AM Radio into a danceable cut. Half the disc’s remixes are instrumental and only the aforementioned track really stands out as being repeatedly listenable. So while this collection of songs is interesting from an auditory standpoint, at a less than 30-minute running time, one really wonders why a "remix” release is necessary. Only for the true bluest of fans; everyone else harbouring curiosity for the One AM Radio would do better to drop their hard-earned coin on A Name Writ In Water, if you haven’t already. (Level Plane)