On A Warpath On A Warpath

There is tough guy, created for the sole purpose of raising the bar for an oft-attempted genre, usually by veterans of the style, such as First Blood. There is also tough guy with a tongue-in-cheek vibe, well aware of the limitations of the style and willing to go completely over the top while keeping a necessary sense of humour, such as Bury Your Dead. All jocking of earlier, better releases aside, On A Warpath are truly one of the worst bands ever to attempt this kind of thing, let alone inexplicably land a record deal of any kind. Recently signed to Hand of Hope Records (a label that incidentally has never released anything particularly good, much like parent label Eulogy over the last couple of years), On A Warpath play an utterly uninspired, pathetically written, and shoddily performed strain of modern moshcore inflected with touches of either nu-metal or old Biohazard, depending on whether your opinion is objective or not. Complete with bursts of rapping, mid-song mosh calls (bedroom windmills, anyone?), such touching song titles as "Fuck All Y’all” and the mysterious inclusion of the words "A-BLOCK NIGGA” on the disc itself, despite the lack of African-American members, there is truly not a single positive thing one can say about this release. Microwave fodder for the interminably bored at best, and an offensive pillaging of an already near-lifeless sound at worst. (Hand of Hope)