On A Dare Said She Surrender

Toronto's On A Dare appears to have just undergone a name change. The cover of their CD, She Said Surrender, has several stickers on it with their name. Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me and I peeled it off to discover their mysterious old moniker: Twilight Band. I'm not quite sure why they had to change their name (perhaps something to do with Greg Dulli's latest project), but for what it's worth, I prefer the old name. There's a little bit of prog rock in the electric guitars, which have this habit of careening off into inappropriate solos that don't quite fit in with the mellower moments of the songs. Fortunately, those moments are kept to a minimum, but this only makes them stand out even more. And it's because of those moments that I keep thinking of bands like Marillion when I listen to She Said Surrender, even if they are just a few stolen moments here and there. The most successful moments are the quieter ones where acoustic guitars and pianos dominate, but the overly poetic lyrics have a tendency to lessen any effect that the music might have. She Said Surrender isn't a horrible album by any means, but without much in the way of originality, there isn't a whole lot here that'll stick in your head after the CD stops spinning. (Independent)