OMG: This Christian Songwriter Will Give You $10,000 If You Adopt His Song

OMG: This Christian Songwriter Will Give You $10,000 If You Adopt His Song
There's no denying that the music business is topsy turvy, but things just got a whole lot weirder. An amateur Christian songwriter named Larry Schwarz believes in his own music so much that he's offering a $10,000 cash reward to the artist who chooses to adopt his latest song.

The track is called "God Is Friends with Me," and it's a nice, gentle slab of gospel-preaching lite rock. You can hear an incredibly slick demo of the song below.

"These are tough times for musicians, and they are being forced to come up with more creative ways to generate income," Schwarz said in a press release. "At the same time, a songwriter like me has to fight his way through the system in order to be heard. This reward seems like a logical solution to both problems."

To qualify for the giant bag o' dollars (which are in U.S. currency), you must meet the following criteria:

Be a musician or member of a band who performs Christian or Gospel music.
Have a website and a visible presence on social media.
Have a current contract in place with a music publisher.
Be a musician or member of a group who performs in the United States.

In other words, you won't be able to cash in on the "God Is Friends with Me" gravy train if you're a heathen living in Canada. That said, this might be the perfect opportunity to start your new life as an American evangelizer.

To adopt "God Is Friends with Me" as your very own hit song, email [email protected] with a bio and relevant links (but no attachments) by May 6.