Ollie Seed For Tomorrow

From light-hearted to more aggressive and venturing into the realm of darker house, this portfolio of tracks by Ollie displays wide variances in the house and tech-house music styles. If these tracks are arranged in chronological order then one could surmise that Ollie's tracks have grown harder and darker over time. "Luxor" and "Satellite" are light-hearted tracks that frolic in a cartoon kind of vein. "Pigtail," "Yage" and "Tom Thumb" are good minimal tracks that remind me of some of G(man's work on Kushti. But the best are the last three tracks, "Emitter," "Lose the Way" and "Desire," in these pieces the percussion is deeper and more complex, the sounds are raw yet elaborately put together and are intensely kinetic, rendering them superb. "Emitter" summons mental images of burnt-out warehouses and charred car wrecks in '80s-era Detroit. "Lose the Way" sounds like the tense moment just before an interstellar war breaks out, with its futurist sounds and vigorous beats. "Desire" goes over the top. This is a full-on techno sci-fi battle soundtrack, intense and aggressive with battalions of laser guns opening fire while robots are left screeching their malfunction overload death rattles - intense, man. (Forward)