Oldskool Ice-Gre The Gregarious Mixtape

Old school thoughts and a new school vibe collide on Oldskool Ice-Gre’s Mixtape. With tons of throwbacks to the rap pioneers, Ice-Gre might have you thinking he is just an homage, but old school MCs never made references to email addiction ("One Long Wednesday”). Although he has a lot of swagger-induced tracks, it’s his storytelling skills that are most prominent. On "A Rap Tale,” he turns the names of his favourite groups and artists into scenarios in his story. He raps, "So I hit up Jada, she like to kiss me/plus she say my styles are sheek, and she miss me.” Yes, it’s contrived but it’s clever and consistent, which can be said for most of Mixtape’s tracks. (4 the Soul Reciprocity Inc.)