Old Man Doom "Vomit Species" (Axed Crown Remix)

Old Man Doom 'Vomit Species' (Axed Crown Remix)
Well, if you thought Wugazi was ridiculous, wait until you hear Old Man Doom. As you may have guessed, the project, conceived by Los Angeles artist Axed Crown (a.k.a. Andrew Cox), pits the oppressiveness of Massachusetts metal-hardcore juggernauts Old Man Gloom against the vicious barbs of everybody's favourite masked supervillain, DOOM.

"Vomit Species" rustles up a percussive chug lifted from "Common Species," off Old Man Gloom's No, with DOOM's grimly spat, sandwich-snackin' lyrics from MM.Food? highlight "Vomitspit."

Should that sound amazing to you, you can check the hip-hop-and-hardcore hybrid down below.