Ola Podrida Ola Podrida

To refer to this self-titled album as a "debut” may be a tad misleading. Brooklynite David Wingo, aka Ola Podrida, is a bit of an indie movie soundtracker, having produced scores for David Gordon Green’s George Washington and All the Real Girls. Clearly, that experience shows, as Wingo exhibits remarkable maturity on his first venture into songwriting proper. His brand of Kozelek-conjuring folk is unfailingly cinematic, providing detailed snapshots of leaving lovers, car crashes and last call blues. Concocting music for films has also taught him how to shape atmosphere — Wingo’s initially sparse compositions are tastefully coloured with organs and harmonies, hinting at an enduring affinity for Americana. As if to show he is not a one-trick pony, he occasionally calls on a band (featuring American Analog Set’s Andrew Kenny) for assistance, and he’s more than up to the task of controlling this situation as well (i.e., "Instead,” "Eastbound”). It’s certainly not the most novel record but it’s one that proves that there are countless places you can travel to with not much more than road trip memories and an acoustic guitar.

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