Okkervil River 'Golden Opportunities 2' mixtape

Okkervil River 'Golden Opportunities 2' mixtape
Considering Okkervil River released both the "Mermaid" / "Walked Out on a Line" twelve-inch and their sonically varied, Exclaim!-approved I Am Very Far LP in 2011, the indie rockers have already given up the goods this year, but the band are delivering one last generous blast via the Golden Opportunities 2 mixtape.

The five-song set, available as a free download here on the band's website, is a follow-up to 2007's Golden Opportunities, and similarly finds the band tackling a few of their favourite songs.

Here, Will Sheff and co. deliver rootsy takes on tunes by Bill Fay, Ted Lucas, David McComb, Jim Sullivan and the traditional spiritual "Dry Bones." Check out the tracklisting below.

Golden Opportunities 2:

1. "It Is So Nice To Get Stoned" (Ted Lucas cover)

2. "U.F.O." (Jim Sullivan cover)

3. "One Soul Less On Your Fiery List" (David McComb cover)

4. "Plan D" (Bill Fay cover)

5. "Dry Bones" (Traditional)