Ohmega Watts The Find

The list of gifted producers who can do more than simply hold their own on the mic is certainly not a long one. Hell, most beat creators would actually do best to lock their lyrical dreams as far away from the light of day as possible. B-Boy Brooklyn-ite Ohmega Watts, however, is cut from a different cloth in this regard, which is evident on his debut full-length, The Find. Watts rhymes like a man who chose the mic over his pacifier and hasn’t put it down since, opening the record with a pointed history class on "Where It All Started,” before killing it on "That Sound,” the first of the album’s many J5-styled posse cuts. His creativity on the mic is challenged only by the wealth of musical ideas that comprise his complex productions. The sounds — almost all of which were recorded live and them re-sampled — are crisp and free-flowing, resulting in a much more organic sound, as on "Move,” with it’s raging guitar and organ solos. Watts also has a penchant for playing with rhythm patterns, transforming a song’s feel on the stop of a dime, at times, switching the beat into pure reggae mode, and then twisting it back around to some high energy funk grooves. Ohmega Watts is a full package you rarely expect to see in an artist, regardless of genre. (Ubiquity)