ohGr Welt

Lo and behold, here are 11 numbers born out of the twisted grey matter of former Skinny Puppy front-man Ogre. Now, being from Vancouver, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the big lug. As a young lady, he and his Puppy band-mates helped me through many an angst-ridden teenage night. Nostalgia aside, I was impressed with the way Ogre managed to maintain "his sound," yet still show us how he's grown as a musician. With a little help from producer/programmer Mark Walk, we're given a whole melange of nouveau industrial sounds. "Pore" stands out as a fine example of the new direction industrial music is going in - still very percussive, but more advanced rhythmically. Then there's "Cracker," a catchy number with a pleasant kind of retro feel. Overall, this is perhaps the clearest we've heard his vocals, yet they're still undeniably Ogre. Don't get me wrong, they're still chaotic, they're just chaotic in a more organised way. Despite the creepy little cartoon-like character on the CD cover, and the still sometimes cryptic lyrics, you get the feeling from Welt that Ogre has matured a bit over the years and we should expect much more intelligent and shtomp-inspiring music to come. (Spitfire)