Of Montreal Plan DVD, Talk About New Album

Of Montreal Plan DVD, Talk About New Album
Everyone’s favourite clothing-optional live act, Of Montreal, has leaked word of a forthcoming live DVD. Via the Elephant 6 forum, Of Montreal guitarist the Late B.P. Helium dropped a tidbit on the DVD’s status and confirmed various online rumours that a visual release is indeed in the works.

"We are working on a DVD,” posted the Late B.P. Helium, or as he’s known off stage, Bryan Poole, on E6 message board. "Hopefully it will be out this fall. The last L.A. shows were recorded and will be a part of it.”

The "announcement” puts the DVD release near the street date for Of Montreal’s forthcoming ninth studio album, Skeletal Lamping, which, believe it or not, already has its own Wikipedia page despite being scheduled for an October release.

Of Montreal’s singer/cross-dresser Kevin Barnes recently discussed the album with Pitchfork, saying that the group are definitely heading in a more groove-based direction: "It's definitely funkier. It's maybe developing off of things like ‘Faberge Falls for Shuggie’ and ‘Labyrinthian Pomp’ from Hissing Fauna. It's kind of moving things in those directions. It's something that I find exciting, as it's not something that I've really worked with a lot in the past. It still holds some mystery for me. I really feel there is something I can use in that genre. It's fun for me too because it kind of — touching upon what we were talking about earlier — goes against the kind and gentle side of indie rock. Funk music is not like that at all."

Also in the interview, Barnes gave the goods on his cross-dressing stage persona, Georgie Fruit, who apparently will take the lead role on Skeletal Lamping, and presumably on the DVD. "The character's name is Georgie Fruit, and he's in his late 40s, a black man who has been through multiple sex changes,” Barnes said. "He's been a man and a woman, and then back to a man. He's been to prison a couple of times. In the ’70s he was in a band called Arousal, a funk rock band sort of like the Ohio Players. Then he went through a few different phases.”

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