Of Montreal "Wintered Debts"

Of Montreal 'Wintered Debts'
A couple of months ago, Kevin Barnes and his weirdo pop cohorts in Of Montreal announced that they would be releasing a new LP called Paralytic Stalks in the new year. Now, we've got a preview of that album in the form of the sprawling cut "Wintered Debts."

It's an expansive seven-and-a-half-minute epic that blends fractured avant-pop with lilting country and lengthy dreamscape drones. It's less funky and synth-heavy than much of the outfit's recent work, but using acoustic instruments doesn't seem to have tamed Barnes's oddball approach to songwriting.

However, this isn't the first official single from Paralytic Stalks, which has yet to receive a release date.

Wintered Debts by of Montreal