OddKidOut Solstice EP

OddKidOut Solstice EP
Philly-born, L.A.-based producer OddKidOut has made quite the name for himself despite only being in his early 20s. As a professional drummer, his percussive chops have transferred over into his work and his rapid-fire, precise hits on the drum machine are qualities nestled in his music.
For his debut release on OWSLA, OKO made Solstice from samples of the label's tracks (as suggested by founder Skrillex), creating a full EP. The result is an album teeming with reworked OWSLA tracks connected emotionally to OddKidOut's journey in LA.
Tennyson's atmospheric and sparse "Your Face Tastes Like My Happy Place" has morphed into "6 Years" on Solstice, and finds itself punched up with a heavy percussive base that completely overtakes the end of the track in a frenzy of snare snaps and bass kicks. And while the former track employs a vocal mod for the last five seconds, "6 Years" amps that up and runs it from start to finish, using it as a focal point.
The most staggering transformation comes from "Napa Street," sampling "Would You Ever" by Skrillex & Poo Bear. While the original is a straight-up 4/4 EDM banger, build-ups and all, "Napa Street" has a hazy downtempo vibe, focusing more on rich bass and percussive work, with loosely intertwined keys.
Solstice stands out as an ambitious undertaking successfully pulled off as OddKidOut starts his next chapter on a new label. (OWSLA)