Odd Future Bail on Detroit Gig Due to Unruly Fans

Odd Future Bail on Detroit Gig Due to Unruly Fans
The Odd Future hype machine has been rolling full steam all year, but it's starting to feel like things are going off the rails. While the hip-hop troupe's stage-dive-heavy set in Toronto was touted as a "cathartic, animalistic ritual," last night's (May 16) show in Detroit ended rather quickly after some crowd members got completely out of hand.

Odd Future cut their set at the Majestic Theatre short after fans began tossing bottles on stage. The group dealt with the first bottle, but when a second one smashed a little too close to DJ Syd tha Kid, the beatsmith decided to get off stage before she got cut up.

"When you Are Throwing Big Ass Glass Bottles On Stage, Niggas Is Not Going To Wait Until One Cracks Then In The Head Or Shatters And Gets In Their Eyes Or What Ever," the group posted on their website, which also features video of the incident, which you can see below.

While the band were clearly agitated -- Tyler, the Creator barked, "Next nigga that throws a motherfuckin' bottle gets beat the fuck up," before taking off his shirt, and Hodgy Beats even tackled a fan who tried to come up on stage -- they tried to make do in Syd's absence. Tyler even tried to man the decks for a bit. Ultimately, a third bottle came crashing down and the band made their exit.

Though the band left in anger, Tyler bears no ill will on the Motor City. He'll just chalk it up to a few bad apples ruining the bunch.

"Detroit Was So Fucking Tight…Until The 3rd Glass Bottle Almost Hit Us…Then Niggas Fired On Niggas….Then We Left…Still Cool Tho. Fuck," he tweeted.