Odd Future Autograph Signing Turns into Near Riot

Odd Future Autograph Signing Turns into Near Riot
Tyler, the Creator has had a bit of a crazy week. On Tuesday (May 10), he released his new LP, Goblin, and then got detained by the police that same day. The latest incident happened yesterday (May 12) in Boston when an autograph signing turned into a near-riot for his rap crew, Odd Future.

WHDH News Boston reports that the group were due to sign autographs at Newbury Comics. Fans were expected to show up earlier in the day to get wristbands, but hundreds of people didn't know this and showed up unannounced. Police and store management were unprepared for the turnout and shut the event down without letting anyone inside.

Police tried to escort Odd Future out the back, but the crowd didn't give up. They continued to swarm, and one officer was hospitalized after falling and hurting his back (he's since been released). In the confusion, one fan was arrested: a 13-year-old girl who was charged with disorderly conduct.

See video of the news report below [via Pitchfork]. Tyler is probably feeling pretty good after causing the Boston police so much hassle. Following his arrest on Tuesday, he tweeted, "FUCK POLICE FUCK YOU ALL I HOPE YOU ALL DIE."

UPDATE: For more footage of the "riot," check out the FOX News report below as well.