Octopus Project Hello, Avalanche

Octopus ProjectHello, Avalanche
If one has little to no lingering attachment to song form, the Octopus Project could be one of the best bands in the world. Post-rock indulgences abound but that’s likely precisely the kind of musical stew these Octopi are using all eight arms to stir. The musicianship is impressive, especially the virtuosity of Yvonne Lambert on the Theremin, generating a ghostly array of symphonic tones. Ingenuity in the beats however, is sorely lacking for a project built on complexity, and that lack of execution is where the album falters. Hello, Avalanche has its moments and the production is great, though heavy on the drum compression, but for those familiar with instrumental music, none of this is new, just messier. Numerous psychedelic overdubs add up to an album that is essentially rave music for geeks coming up more than a hair short of the Tortoise they’re chasing. (Peek-A-Boo)