Ocrilim Anoint

Nimble-fingered guitarist extraordinaire Mick Barr has already done enough fret damage over the years to become included in the pantheons of six-string metal gods, whether it’s tearing it up with only drums accompanying him in Orthrelm, or drums and vocals with his first group Crom-Tech, a drum machine with Octis, or as a member of speed prog unit the Flying Luttenbachers and black metal pranksters Angelblood. Heavy on the harmonics, Barr’s latest project, Ocrilim is the first of the strictly solo variety, and his debut, Anoint, is a seven-section movement through strict, multi-layered harmonic progressions that finds him at his mellowest and most contemplative. Notes ring out, melodies repeat with slight variation, and the harmonies just keep singing together more clearly. Most of Anoint isn’t going to blow the heads off those who most appreciate Barr’s tendencies for speed-fingering his way into mind-melting oblivion, but rather will be sure to floor those who respect the technical composition and deeply theoretical sides of the electric guitar and Barr’s masterful skill on the strings. Anoint is a deep listen with many rewards to offer, making Ocrilim a welcome addition to Barr’s prolific output. (Collar City)