Obits "Shift Operator"

Obits 'Shift Operator'
Late last year, we learned Brooklyn, NY outfit Obits would be releasing their sophomore set, Moody, Standard & Poor, this spring. While their debut disc, I Blame You, was a hot-rodded run through R&B-infused punk, this teaser to the new LP suggests the act have eased off their accelerators this time around. The slow-burning "Shift Operator" still contains a heavy dose of rock riffs, however.

Despite a solid, yet laid-back, drum beat, the freakishly fuzzed-out bass tones will peel your skin back for sure. Noticeably absent from the track are leader Rick Froberg's manic, youthful cry, replaced by the chilled-out croon of sometimes-singer Sohrab Habibion. His mellow turn on the microphone suits the track perfectly, but we're still hoping the band kick it up a notch further on in the album.

You can download the track below for the price of an email address, courtesy of Sub Pop.

As previously reported, Moody, Standard & Poor comes out March 29.