Obits "City Is Dead" (the Kids cover) (live video)

Obits 'City Is Dead' (the Kids cover) (live video)
While Rick Froberg is gearing up for a handful of Hot Snakes dates, the dude's most recent outfit Obits have hardly been put to pasture. The simmering blues punk troupe just issued a new seven-inch this week on Sub Pop featuring a couple of covers, and if you want to know what's in store, you can catch a live version of the troupe adapting the Kids' "City Is Dead."

While the original was a scrappy slice of '70s punk, Obits strip the Belgian band's speedy take for something a little looser and sexier. Froberg sneers out caustic lyrics atop guitarist Sohrab Habibion's disorienting bends before unleashing a little six-string fury of his own. You can catch it all below.

Obits new seven-inch also features a cover of Mink DeVille's  "Let Me Dream If I Want To," and can be picked up here.