Oasis Camp Quashes Release Date Rumours for Noel Gallagher Solo Album

Oasis Camp Quashes Release Date Rumours for Noel Gallagher Solo Album
Contrary to what you may have read earlier today (May 4), ex-Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher did not drop info on his first single and impending full-length via Twitter.

A few new posts on a newly launched account purporting to be the "Official Twitter account for Noel Gallagher" has dished out the details for both releases, with the former supposedly coming out in August and the latter in September.

"So we can finally announce details about Noel's solo release," the posts read. "Single release date: 22.08.201. Album release date: 12.09.2011."

Regrettably for fans, this has been refuted. A tweet on Oasis's account reads:

Contrary to reports Noel is not presently on Twitter. Any account using his name is fake so please ignore them. Cheers!

This isn't be the first time that we were given false news regarding Gallagher's highly anticipated solo set, which may or may not even exist. Remember a couple of months back when he revealed he hadn't even started working on it yet?

There was also something just a little fishy about some of the other tweets on the phony account. "For clarification this is Noel's official Twitter which will be handled by both his management and himself from time to time," one message reads. It might be us, but being so forthright about how "official" the page just seems suspicious.

While it seems to be taking much longer for Gallagher to get things off the ground, especially when compared to his ex-bandmates' ascent as Beady Eye, we're still keeping our fingers crossed for something to pop up sooner or later.