NZCA Lines Infinite Summer

NZCA LinesInfinite Summer
Londoner Michael Lovett, also know as NZCA Lines, has returned with his second album and his first release on the stellar Memphis Industries, home to the likes of Dutch Uncles and Outfit. Expanding the NZCA Lines lineup to include Hot Chip's Sarah Jones and Charlotte Hatherley, known for her work with Bat for Lashes, has allowed Lovett to develop his project into a musical powerhouse.
On Infinite Summer, the band focus their sound into atmospheric synth pop, but it's not without journeys into quirkier realms — check the twin guitar solos on "How Long Does It Take" and the French monologue that introduces opener "Approach." There is depth and breadth to the sound here, evident in everything from the slow, funky build of "Dark Horizon" and the wash of synths reminiscent of AlunaGeorge in "Sunlight," to the bombast of "New Atmosphere" and the explosive dance sound of single "Two Hearts."
Lyrically, the songs are often about longing and seemingly missed connections, but by creating such a rich and textured album, NZCA Lines connect strongly, expanding their sound and blossoming accordingly. (Memphis Industries)