Nybbl The Path from a Point Is In the Shape of a Heart

Like many of the artists on Toronto’s dependable Noise Factory label, Nybbl (real name: Tim Quackenbush) explores equal elements of post-rock and electronica to find the heart hidden within the wires. His extendedly titled debut moves through a variety of different musical streams, from the field-recording basis of opener "To Begin With” through the warm atmospherics of "Dance for Buddy” and into the more IDM beats and guitar-pumping heart of "Finding Faultlines” — and these are only the first three tracks. Further on, Nybbl feels comfortable enough to pull out the electric piano for some new-wave pop ballads ("One Day That Smile Will Save You”) and gets downright anthemic in a New Order sort of way ("Joy Chant”). What The Path from a Point seems to be missing, however, is a discernible identity — many of the sounds and styles seem a bit borrowed, or too close to their inspiration for absolute freshness. Nevertheless, this is a nice debut with a big heart pumping out its promise. (Noise Factory)