Nutsak Failed Musician

NutsakFailed Musician
On paper or on record, Montreal's Nutsak are pretty strange. As they're fond of saying, Nutsak are what happen when a Francophone, an Anglophone, an Arab and a Jew convene to make some irreverent rock music and, while it's tricky to spot this cultural amalgamation on Failed Musician, it does exhibit some sure signs of difference. Guitarist Sam Shalabi anchors the band, running them through five of his instrumental compositions that hint at improvisation but contain elements of jazz, surf rock and lounge-y pop music. Then there's the out-and-out rock fitness of Willie Dixon's "Hidden Charms," led by drummer Howard Chackowicz, and the balls-out guitar interplay between Shalabi and Chris Burns on the roaring "They Fucked Good Tonight," and the almost Drive Like Jehu-esque "You Are Going to Prison." Novel without succumbing to novelty, Nutsak are a refreshing blast of tasteful, free fun. (Signed By Force)