Numero Shines a Light on '70s Psych Unit Solaris

Numero Shines a Light on '70s Psych Unit Solaris
Following Numero Group's recent explorations of "wizard rock" on the Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles compilation and the '70s "proto-Satanist" material of Medusa, the crate-diggin' label is now ready to shine a freaky light on little-known early '70s psych outfit Solaris.

A blog post from the imprint confirms it will be pressing up a limited-edition LP of unheard recordings dubbed The Waves of Evernow, which will be available on the label's web store later this summer.

Solaris comprised guitarist Jawxillion Loeb, Farfisa organ player Karellen XOR and drummer Ed Kramer, with the band's blend of noise, jazz and psych taking influence from the likes of Amon Düül, Ritchie Blackmore and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. The Waves of Evernow features material tracked in 1973, with the distorted recordings apparently sounding rather "ominous."

Though the band reportedly built buzz on local radio station WXRT, catching the attention of Styx producer John Ryan, the recordings remained commercially unavailable now.

You can sample five haunting tracks of wah-wah guitar, discordant organ distortion and walloped drum destruction down below. In addition to the material pressed on wax, The Waves of Evernow will also come with a digital download including a live set recorded in the '70s at the Metaphysical Festival in Wheaton, IL.

You can pre-order The Waves of Evernow here. Vinyl copies are limited to 500.