Numero Group to Explore the World of Power Pop with New 'Buttons' Series

Numero Group to Explore the World of Power Pop with New 'Buttons' Series
The Numero Group may be more well known for its Eccentric Soul series than for doling out rock reissues, but the Illinois label is hoping to shed some more light on the power pop genre through its newly formed Buttons banner.

A press release lays out two upcoming releases coming out July 17 that showcase some relatively unknown power pop acts, though some may be familiar to Numero followers. In 2005, the imprint had issued the Yellow Pills: Prefill CD compilation, a release that celebrated a number of U.S. acts, but that release has since gone out of print.

While it looks like they won't deliver that set on vinyl, 20 of the 33 songs from Yellow Pills are being pressed on wax as Buttons: Starter Kit. The two-LP set contains tracks by Toms, Kennet, Trend, Colors, Treble Boys, Sponsors, Kids, Bats (who featured a young Jon Brion), Tweeds and more. You can check the tracklisting down below.

Also coming on July 17 is Buttons: From Champaign to Chicago. As hinted by its title, the 19-song collection covers a number of power pop groups in the Illinois area in the '70s and '80s, reaching as far back as 1973 for Jets' "Be for Me" and running to 1987 for Julian Leal's "Get Away." You can sample Champaign outfit Vertebrats' "Diamonds in the Rough" over at Self-Titled Mag.

Buttons: Starter Kit:

Side One:

1. Luxury "Green Hearts"

2. Tweeds "I Need That Record"

3. Colors "Rave It Up"

4. Kids "Hey Little Girl"

5. Trend "(I Feel Like A) Dictionary"

Side Two:

1. Toms "(I Wanna Be A) Teen Again"

2. Tommy Rock "Dream Rocker"

3. Randy Winburn "Somebody Else's Girl"

4. Luxury "One In A Million"

5. Tweeds "She's The Girl (Who Said No)"

6. Randy Winburn "Sunshine U.S.A"

Side Three:

1. Bats "Not Easy For Me"

2. Sponsors "In And Out Of Love"

3. Treble Boys "Julie-Anne"

4. Colors "All I Want"

5. Toms "Domestic/Imported"

Side Four:

1. Trend "She's Hi-Fi"

2. Kids "There Goes My Heart Again"

3. Bats "Not My Girl Anymore"

4. Treble Boys "One Kiss"
5. Sponsors "Love I Can't Wait"

6. Tommy Rock "High School"

Buttons: From Champaign to Chicago:

1. Prettyboys "I Wanna Make You!" (Chicago)

2. Julian Leal "Get Away" (Romeoville)

3. All-Night Newsboys "She's Gone Hollywood" (Chicago)

4. Names "It's A Miracle" (Rockford)

5. Kevin Lee & Heartbeat "Tonight" (Chicago)

6. Band Jocks "At Practice" (Chicago)

7. Vertebrats "Diamonds In The Rough" (Champaign)

8. Nines "Holiday" (Champaign)

9. Jerks "So Lifelike" (LaSalle)

10. Northshore "School Yard" (Chicago)

11. Paul "I Have Always Loved You" (Oak Park)

12. Tom Orsi "Where Are You Now" (Desplaines)

13. Kind "Total Insanity" (Chicago)

14. Eyz "Midnight Girls" (Desplaines)

15. Shoes "In My Arms Again" (Zion)

16. Loose Lips "Kyle" (Chicago)

17. Lay-Z "More And More" (Joliet)

18. Jets "Be For Me" (Pekin)

19. Contraband "See You Tonight" (Champaign)