Number Twelve Looks Like You Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear.

Functioning as a unit for less than five years, the Number Twelve’s latest effort proves intelligence and experience don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Their ability to fuse various elements of metal and the artier tendencies of mid-’90s hardcore is above and beyond the honed mediocrity of most. They excel in their tasteful use of tech, not overdoing frenzied riffs to the point where they sound like a string of parts hastily welded together. There’s an increased focus on raw, drawn out melancholy furthering themselves from the often capricious approach of 2003’s Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses. The duelling vocals are necessarily a primary focus when two screamers are involved, highlights coming with deep, low growls layered underneath frantic and high-pitched screams. The resulting atmosphere is a menacing accolade to Love Lost But Not Forgotten’s unpredictable and chaotic screamo, Between the Buried and Me’s affinity for random blackened blasts, and Red Roses for a Blue Lady’s emotional but blood curdling melodicism. If time has been any indication thus far, these guys are poised to become the smartest hardcore on the planet. (Eyeball)