Number Twelve Looks Like You Here At the End of All Things

For those of you who appreciate chaotic and erratic grindcore, live recordings and intense DVD footage, the Number Twelve Looks Like You’s latest release, Here at the End of All Things, is tailored for your tastes. Bizarre, jazzy, chaotic, nonsensical and often completely scattered in all their glory, the band can be credited for creating their most interesting and brave tracks to date. What is most notable about Here at the End of All Things is the fact that it is primarily a live recording. Typically this results in messy or poor quality sounds but in this case, it comes off as a clean and personal experience, beckoning listener to take part in the insanity that transpired at the School of Rock in South Hackensack, NJ in late 2007. The album is a far cry from Mongrel and is laced with enough variety to keep even sceptics entertained. (Eyeball)