Nozinja Announces Debut Album for Warp

Nozinja Announces Debut Album for Warp
Last year, Warp Records expanded its roster with the signing of South Africa's Nozinja to its roster. The artist, who is a key figure in the Shangaan electro scene, will now finally follow his many CD-Rs and 12-inches with a proper full-length album.

Called Nozinja Lodge, the LP features 10 tracks from Nozinja. A press release promises "white-knuckle, rave-channelling cuts" alongside "a deeper, lilting touch to his trademark sound."

The album features a wide cast of Shangaan vocalists, along with vocal contributions from Nozinja himself. Further, "The record has a unique soul, stamped with the spirit of the Shangaan people, their language and musical history."

Warp will take us to Nozinja Lodge on June 2. Listen to the album's "Xihukwani" below.

Nozinja Lodge:

1. Nwa Baloyi
2. Mitshetsho We Zindaba
3. Baby Do U Feel Me
4. Xihukwani
5. Tsekeleke
6. Vamaseve Vatswelani
7. Nyamsoro
8. N'wanga I Jesu
9. Vomaseve Hina
10. Wo va Jaha