Atmospheric, ethereal alt-R&B is the order of the day on this debut EP by upstart singer-songwriter Novellus. Dubbed "weirdo R&B," Untitled is a tight, six-track affair and manages to impress within the short runtime. The self-produced release finds Novellus wearing electronic and trance influences on his sleeve; a track like "make love (in the jungle)" serves as a sonic mood-setter, while numbers like the raw '80s percussive fringe of "Tough" or the multilayered slant of "Talk Back" evoke a sense of euphoria.
The groove stutter of "Reign" is the clear standout, an off-kilter aural submission that pleads for repeated plays. Capping things off is the hypnotic blues stagger of "Twenty Eight" — an abbreviated number running under two minutes that leaves you desiring more. What else you got, Novellus? (New Ancestors)
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