Nothing's Dominic Palermo Talks New Split EP with Whirr

Nothing's Dominic Palermo Talks New Split EP with Whirr
As Philly shoegazers Nothing gear up for the release of their powerful first full-length, Guilty of Everything, singer/guitarist Dominic Palermo has revealed that the band already have big plans for the rest of 2014, including the release of a new EP and recording plans for their second album.

"We just recorded again, already, so we have another record already done that's ready to go," Palermo reveals to Exclaim! "We're doing a split 12-inch with Whirr, it's gonna be out on Run for Cover."

The news adds detail to the mysterious photo that Run for Cover Records recently posted to Instagram, which seems to promise a spring 2014 release date.

The split will include two new songs by the band, which Palermo says are "very accessible. We're really happy with it. We recorded it with Will Yip. Great dude."

So, although the band are "still happy" with Guilty of Everything — "The record's been recorded now for almost a year, so we've been listening to it and listening to it, and we're not sick of it, which is good. Usually by this point, I'd be fucking so sick and tired of it" — they already have plans for a second album tentatively mapped out.

"We're planning on going back in the studio for another LP at the end of the year," he states, but obviously, details are far from settled; their nine-song debut, due March 4 through Relapse Records, hasn't even seen the light of day yet.

Listen to that record's new single "Endlessly" below in preparation, and stay tuned for more details on the band's progress this year. You can also check out the band's upcoming U.S. tour dates here.

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