Nothing Gold Can Stay "Wilt"

Nothing Gold Can Stay "Wilt"
Edmonton's Nothing Gold Can Stay took their name literally, ditching their shiny pop punk sound for a grittier post-hardcore one. The change was prompted by numerous lineup changes, and we've got the first taste of the now-four-piece.
"Wilt" manages to retain the hooks they've been delivering since 2009, but adds brawn in the form of yelled vocals, though the track's not without melodic vocals, which pop up a couple times throughout.
Listen to the song below, and check them out at their last show as a five-piece this Sunday (July 31) or their first show with their lineup moving forward in a month.
Tour dates:
07/31 Agassiz, BC – The Nest (Electric Love Festival)
08/27 St. Albert, AB – St. Albert Community Hall (Breakdowns for Break-Fest)