Nostalgia 77 The Garden

Nostalgia 77 (aka Ben Lamdin) follows up his semi-slept on 2002 release, Songs For My Funeral, with a collection of equally freaked-out funk tracks that push his atmospheric jazz influenced hip-hop sound to new spiritual ground. At times dark and laid back, at times highly joyous and free, The Garden is a sonic journey into hip. The records jumps from the start with the funky hip-hop break of "Cheney Lane,” proceeds to the spooky, jazzed-out guitar loop of "Green Blades of Grass,” and comes back full circle and then some with yet another cover of the White Stripes’ "Seven Nation Army,” this time putting a screaming Alice Russell on vocals and a hot funk-rock groove behind her. Years of collecting records and DJing led to Lamdin creating Nostalgia 77. Now, after years of collecting its own repertoire of grooves, Nostalgia 77 has composed a collection of deeply cool music that is reminiscent of Yesterday’s New Quintet, Quantic Soul Orchestra and Breakestra. Combining a rich atmospheric blend of jazz, funk, hip-hop and soul with a super tight collection of musicians makes The Garden a wild and free exploration of all things groovy and a must-have for all beat junkies. (Ubiquity)