North Lincoln Midwestern Blood

North Lincoln's approach to punk rock envelopes a heavy working-class vibe, the kind of punk that fights for your rights without threatening your dignity. Though the tracks do not encapsulate the greatest variety of rhythms and styles, songs like "All This Time" break it up by slowing it down to a punk rock ballad (not emo), similar to previous releases but with a bit more punch. Other tracks like "Remember" and "Leveling" are heavier and reminiscent of a less political and more melodic Pennywise. The band is quick to compare themselves to Jawbreaker, but Midwestern Blood has less of a catch and more of a ferocity than they give themselves credit for. There is a certain feeling of anger towards society on this record, with an overall melancholy that suggests an impending disappointment. Midwestern Blood took over two years to release and, despite the delay, the album was worth waiting for. It's bolder and thicker than their previous material, but without trying too hard. Just honest and upset punk rock. (No Idea)