North Dakota Farmer Plows Giant 'Love Symbol' in Tribute to Prince

North Dakota Farmer Plows Giant 'Love Symbol' in Tribute to Prince
Tributes from artists and fans of the late musical icon Prince have been plentiful since the artist's passing in April, but one of the more unique ones comes from a North Dakota farmer and his skill with a plow.

Gene Hanson, 75, of Edgeley, ND, plowed an enormous version of Prince's 'love symbol' into a field. Known to plow other messages into his fields such as "Happy Easter" or "Pray for Rain," he thought it would be a fitting tribute idea.

"I thought to myself, maybe I should try something like that," Hanson told the Grand Forks Herald. "I didn't tell anyone I was going do it, I didn't even tell my wife I was going to do it. But it's been fun." 

Hanson used only a small photo of the symbol he printed from the Internet as his guide, taped to the hood of his tractor. Upon finishing the job, he went up above the field in his airplane to capture the image you see above.

"I couldn't believe it myself that it turned out so well," he said. "I was probably the most surprised. This one just happened to turn out first try."

But was Hanson a Prince fan? "I like the song 'Purple Rain,'" he continued. "I'm normally country western. I guess everyone's a fan of Prince right now, since he passed away. I guess that's how life goes."

May purple rain nourish his crops forever more.