Nora Dreamers & Deadmen

Despite years of hard work and good records, Nora has never come close to getting the respect they deserve. Hopefully, with Dreamers & Deadmen, that’ll change, at least a little. While Nora has always been able to rattle off a bunch of great parts and good songs on their previous releases, they’ve struggled with consistent overall records, but Dreamers is their best and most complete effort to date. Their sound seems fresh and like a throwback at the same time in these times of over-technicality or old school revival, recalling the dark, intricate but moshable work of Turmoil and Burn It Down (whose Let The Dead Bury The Dead album Dreamers reminds a lot of), coupled with more emphasis on groove while still throwing in the chugging metalcore parts Nora are known for. And while it doesn’t really sound like Every Time I Die (comparisons they’ve been receiving as of late), the incorporation of more rock elements is a commonality both have, which is not surprising considering Nora vocalist Carl Severson runs Ferret Records, who ETID are signed to. Add striking artwork and highlights like "I Should Have Sent Flowers” and it’s unquestionably Nora’s best work yet. (Trustkill)