Nomads Big Sound 2000

The Swedish quartet just keeps on grinding ‘em out, and the world’s a better place for it. While they’re getting a little more polished and co-ordinated, they still have grit to spare in their sound, mixing a big throbbing garage punk sound with a little Nuggets psychedelia. Nick Vahlberg’s vocals have an occasional resemblance to early Neil Young, but they’re paired with a classic garage sound and above average hooks and riffs. And that garage sounds more like it is used to house big ass Buicks than practical Volvos. A taste of alt-country swagger and drawl creeps into “Some Other Crime,” allowing it to roll and strut, while “I’ve Seen Better” bops along with a neo-rockabilly bounce similar to Teenage Head or Art Bergman’s Young Canadians. “The Good Stuff” sounds like the Ramones, and “The Fast Can’t Lose” makes good use of the riff from Blue Oyster Cult’s “Dominance And Submission.” If you’re gonna steal, steal from the best. The only incomplete success is “The King Of Night Train,” where they attempt some Lou Reed “Walk On The Wild Side” white boy talking blues. (Estrus)