Nolto and Factor Red All Over

What’s black and white and Red All Over? The new album from Saskatoon, SK’s Nolto and Factor — an album that remains faithful to its conceptual newspaper format. The concept works nicely to create a well-rounded album of varied subject matter, each fitting under one of the newspaper-style headings. Red All Over covers everything from life in Saskatoon ("Local News”) to Nolto’s infatuation with Japan ("International News”) to the letter column posse cut of "Forum.” There’s even plenty of emotional expression with songs about infatuation, marriage and a very touching first-person story about the death of a son. Nolto, the duo’s front-man, is a versatile MC, rapping slow or fast and even breaking into song as the subject matter dictates, all with equal aplomb and sometimes within the same song. Factor backs him up with another batch of smooth grooves; the country-fried beats of "Business” and "Entertainment” would leave Buck 65 envious and have him rapping again in no time, and then Factor also provides the soundtrack for the disappointment, elation and despair that is expressed over the emotional trilogy of "Personal Ads,” "Wedding Announcements” and "Obituaries.” Nolto and Factor have conceived and executed a great concept album that will hopefully have them heard all over. (Side Road)