NOFX 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough to go On Our Other Records

Don't even touch this collection unless you're prepared for two CDs of Nofx ecstasy doubly penetrating you in all orifices. It's strange how this two-CD compilation of songs tossed off of Nofx's other records sounds better than the records that the songs were thrown off of. How does that work out exactly? Regardless, Nofx have offered all of their hardcore devotees an opportunity to own almost everything obscurely Nofx with this release, excluding their excrement. However, maybe they'd mail you some if you asked them nicely. With an amusing collection of liner notes and lyrics, the booklet is as sarcastically humorous and as great as songs such as "Go to Work Wasted" and "Whoa on the Whoas." And when Nofx wants to take a stab at dub, they rank right up there with King Tubby or Lee Scratch Perry, just check out "Eat the Meek!" The only downside to this compilation is that they could have easily fit the first two Nofx EPs onto the second CD, as "Six Pack Girls" would have greatly enhanced this package. (Fat Wreck)