Noel Gallagher on Solo Album: "I've Not Even Started It"

Noel Gallagher on Solo Album: "I've Not Even Started It"
It looks as if the Gallagher brothers won't be battling it out on the charts anytime soon. While back in November it was hinted that former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher had begun recording his debut solo disc, the performer has just admitted that he hasn't even started working on it yet.

An interview with Gallagher on UK radio show Talksport [via NME] earlier today (February 9) scrapped suggestions from Last Shadow Puppets guitarist Mile Kane that the two had been working on some upcoming material together.

"I am not recording new stuff, not just yet," he said. "It'll be out when it's finished I guess. Well, I've not even started it, so I don't know."

The musician then put even more of a damper on things, adding that he has no idea when he will get cracking on his post-Oasis project.

"I'd have thought probably if anything comes out it'll be later rather than sooner," he confided.

So, sorry, Oasis fans, but there will be no new Noel material for quite some time. If you're still hankering for some Gallagher action, though, you're probably well aware that little brother Liam's rock outfit Beady Eye are set to drop their first album on March 1 in North America.