Nodzzz Return with Innings on Woodsist

Nodzzz Return with <i>Innings</i> on Woodsist
Jangly San Francisco-based indie pop trio Nodzzz have been going strong since their fantastic debut single "I Don't Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)" dropped in 2007. Since then, they released an excellent self-titled album in 2008 and another single in 2009. This year, they will return with a brand new full-length.

The 14-track effort is called Innings and is the band's first offering for New York imprint Woodsist. Despite the new label, however, the sound should be similar to previous material, as a press release describes the album as containing "discretely memorable songs in the band's growing idiom -- neurotic power-pop antics and jangly, shambolic post-punk."

Innings will be released on CD and LP on May 17. A pre-order, along with snippets of each album track, is available here. According to the band's blog, a limited cassette called From Bleak to Blech will also be available for mail order shortly.


1. "Always Make Your Bed"
2. "I'm Not A Wanderer"
3. "Fear of Advice"
4. "Time (What's It Going To Do?)"
5. "Ye Olde Indian Towne"
6. "Troubled Times"
7. "True to Life"
8. "Heyday Past Heyday Due"
9. "Old Clothes"
10. "Family Name"
11. "(Low) Energy"
12. "Love Is Code"
13. "Primitive"
14. "Spirit & Soul"